Let me tell you about MY ideal client…

She is creative, talented, has too many ideas, is obsessed with her business, and is NOT prepared to settle for not reaching every single goal she sets for herself..

She knows she is extremely talented yet she still doubts herself a lot and is terrified of many things, mostly negative criticism & people judging her..

She’s an action taker. As soon as she has an idea she’s researching it and testing it and figuring out how to make it work. She acts first and thinks later..

She loves money & wants to make a lot of it and she loves helping people just as much and would even do what she sells for free if money were no object but she knows that people don’t value free so she charges good prices that people take seriously…

Because she takes her business seriously and she wants her clients to take their purchase seriously..

She loves investing in her education and skills and self development… loves buying new courses & books…

Yet still momentarily freaks out before each purchase until she reminds herself of the long term return she’ll get from the relatively short term investment of time and money…

She loves spending time alone but also loves people. In small doses.

She wants to be one of the best in her industry. She cares deeply about her brand & reputation.

She doesn’t like to be compared to anyone else and has a high need for uniqueness.

She knows she’s different and has always had a very hard time fitting in… even though she still keeps trying to find where she fits…

She knows deep down she just doesn’t fit into any box or have any label.

Even though she has many fears she’s learned to push herself through them as she knows it’s the only way to actually get anywhere in life…

She often hesitated to ask for help, feedback or advice for fear of being seen as weak.

But when she does, she does with confidence and full vulnerability & transparency & is open to the feedback & advice..

She gave up complaining a long time ago because she knows how annoying & pointless it is and now chooses to see everything as a lesson.

She loves to work with me as her coach / mentor & join my programs because she feels like on some level we are basically the same person.

I’m just a bit further ahead & have mastered things she wants to learn to master.

She doesn’t take anything (or herself) too seriously and she thinks the way most business courses and coaches are structured are boring, too serious, self focussed and don’t get her fast enough results which is why she loves working with me.

She buys almost everything I have to offer because she knows she’ll get an amazing return on investment from every single thing.

Because she is an implementor and a creator, not a consumer & complainer…

She started following me & watching my free stuff, and then bought one of my books, and then bought one of my courses and then another, and another…

She is grateful & full of love (most of the time) and when she’s not she tries really hard to get herself back to that state.

Is this you?

Do you know who your ideal client is?

Reply to this post and let me know who they are!

Love, Carissa xo