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Are you coming from a place of love?

This is a question I ask myself EVERY DAY or at any time that I start to feel upset, angry, resentful, judgmental, jealous, triggered…

Or any negative emotion that I know is not serving me or anyone else.

I even have it written up and stuck on the wall in my hallway so that I see it multiple times a day.

Asking yourself this question IMMEDIATELY changes your perspective on any situation that is currently bothering you.

For example:

1. Husband didn’t change the toilet paper.

Ego response: angry, annoyed, frustrated, why can’t they just change the &^&*%%$ roll, are they that stupid!?

What does this look like coming from a place of LOVE?

Just change the toilet roll, fold a little point into it, write a love note to hubby on it.

2. Staff member didn’t clean the floor at the end of the shift.

Ego response: anger, blame, frustration, questioning whether or not you should fire them because they just can’t do the damn job properly…

What does this look like coming from a place of LOVE?

Sending them a message or having a quick chat with them thanking them for everything they DID DO that day or that week, telling them how grateful you are for them, complementing them on their style, their work, how they showed up on time. Asking them kindly and politely why the floor was not cleaned, and asking them if you can do anything to help make it easier for next time?

3. A client complained and abused and threatened you.

Ego response: STUPID CLIENT, omg I don’t deserve this, vent to others, defend self, blame the client.

What does this look like coming from a place of LOVE?

Thank the client for sharing their opinion and feedback, tell them you appreciate it and you are sorry that they did not have the experience they were hoping for or expecting.

Tell them you will take the feedback on board, and ask them if there is anything you can do to help improve their experience. Would they like you to help them fix it, have another go, or a refund and a box of chocolates… because even if they are a total ^&*$ face, you choose to send them love and keep them happy anyway, kill them with kindness and give them the best negative experience they have ever had.

Tell me…


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Love, Carissa xo.