Would you classify yourself a bit of a lazy or stubborn type of person?

I know this is definitely two traits that I have myself in my own life and as an entrepreneur.

While I used to really think about them as weaknesses, over the last few years I’ve come to see them as strengths. Like everything, every person has different strengths and different weaknesses.

It can be so easy to beat yourself up about your weaknesses especially when they are things that you are aware of or that other people may have pointed out to you.

Now, I have always been a pretty lazy person my whole life even in my childhood but not in all areas. When it comes to things like cleaning up after myself, doing laundry, putting clothes away, washing dishes, that kind of stuff.

When I even think about it, it makes me feel so heavy, it makes me feel so tired. And I just, it’s a real struggle for me to do that. I was always like, “Oh my God but I must just be lazy.”

Then when it comes to things like working on my business selling things, growing money, creating content, writing books, making videos, I get so much more done than so many other people.

So does that make me a lazy person in general or does that just mean that being creative is my strength and being domestic is my weakness?

Is there an area in your life where you feel lazy but KNOW you are disciplined and get all the things done in another area in your life?

Reply and let me know what that area is.