Admit Your Shit

This topic of Admit Your Shit came up when I was doing a LIVE training in my Alpha program about video marketing.

In the training one of the members mentioned how she was scared to create videos and put herself on camera.

What if someone criticises her for something?

That’s when I made it clear that no one can criticise you for anything if you own your own flaws and you basically ADMIT YOUR SHIT.

Shit you may have done in your past or things that people could call you out on.

I like to call this my 8-Mile Theory.

This theory was inspired by Eminem in the 8-Mile movie when at the end he rips so hard on himself that nobody could say anything bad about him back to him.

And they liked him for that!

That’s how I actually got over my fear of putting myself out there and creating videos.

I owned my shit and put it out there.

Some of the things I’ve talked about in the past have been things like:


Alcohol abuse and yucky situations,

Eliminating toxic people from my life,

Isolation and loneliness,

Embarrassing model photos and more!

Every body has their shit. And if you do want to put yourself out there, you just have to own it.

For the full video replay, watch below: