5 Reasons You Should Be Advertising On Facebook

As a Facebook obsessed entrepreneur, I literally cannot stop myself from coming up with ideas on how business owners I speak to can use the social media platform to grow their businesses.

Facebook just has a ridiculous amount of potential for business growth, but so many people still aren’t utilising it because they just don’t know just how powerful it really is.

So I thought I would put together this blog post & video letting you know 5 reasons why you should be advertising on Facebook.

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Everybody is on there. Almost every single person has a Facebook account, and as of this point in time, August 2015 there are 1.49 BILLION monthly users. BILLION. That’s insane.

And Facebook knows things about people. They know what you like. They know your behaviours.

As a business owner, Facebook ads give you the potential to get your business and your message in front of the exact people you want to attract into your business. Powerful Stuff.


You can go to them rather than waiting for them to search for you on. Google ads are great, yes, because people who are googling what you do are actively interested in spending money on the services you provide, but with Facebook, you don’t need to wait for them to think about googling your services.


Facebook gives you the potential to grow your business rapidly and affordably.

Rapidly. And Affordably.


You can pretty much spend your daily lunch money on Facebook ads and double your business.
Think of all the lattes and sushi you can buy with all your extra profits?


Once you get it right, once you master Facebook advertising, once you have ads running which consistently generate enquiries and bookings, you can delegate the work to other people and literally run your business from anywhere.


There are so many great businesses out there who have a Facebook page already, and many of them may have dabbled with Facebook ads or boosted posts, however I still seem to see a lot of people talking about how Facebook ads don’t work or how Facebook is sooooo unfair for not letting them promote their businesses for free anymore.

If you want to take your business seriously, if you want to seriously grow, if you have big fat dreams and you wont settle for letting them stay in your head, then you need to get them out there!

All your dream clients are out there, and they are probably on Facebook.

If you know you have a product or service can help them, it is your duty and the purpose of your business to make sure these people know you exist. And without good advertising, this is really hard to do.

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