2 things to grow your business FAST!

Feeling 😡😡😡 because you know where you want to go and what you have to do but its taking too long???

Typical high-achiever-syndrome… 🙄

BUT… are you suuuuuuuure you actually know what you have to do?

Otherwise… wouldn’t you be closer to where you want to be by now?

OR… is it that you KNOW what to do, but, you’re not actually DOING IT???


That’s what I thought.

You see, if you want to grow your business FAST.

There are only really very few things you need to be focussing on.

I’ll tell you what they are.



Get Leads.
Have Sales Conversations.
Convert a percentage of them into clients.


Now, of course there also comes the whole “doing the work” part, you know, providing the product or the service to the customer in exchange for the money…


If you are not prioritising the marketing and the sales…

Your business is pretty quickly going to stagnate, plateau, or even go backwards! 😱

So, honey buns…

Are you ACTUALLY doing the things you know you need to be doing??

Are you doing them ENOUGH??

Because if you were… I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be feeling cranky-pants at yourself or your business or at life in general, because you’d know you were doing what you need to do and you’d be seeing the results right in front of your eyes!!!


There’s also “thinking you know what to do” but not ACTUALLY knowing what to do…

Because. If you think you know what to do, but you’re doing what you think is right, and it’s not working…

Then isn’t it clear that you actually don’t know wtf you’re doing?




If you know what to do.
And you know what you’re doing.
And you’re DOING IT…

Then, you should be f***ing crushing it right now.

And you wouldn’t be complaining about being stuck or a lack of growth.

If you’ve had enough of not taking your shiz seriously enough, then I’m sorry to say, but you’re the only one who can decide when it’s time to pull your finger out and start taking your shiz seriously…

Nobody else can do that for you baby guurrrlll….

If you’re ready to pull your finger out…

I’ll tell you where you can stick it.

Right here 👉🏼 www.wolfpackmastermind.com

Come and play with the cool kids.

Stop being mad at yourself.

Life’s too short for that.

Love, Carissa xo