10 Things You Could Be Doing Right Now (other than scrolling through Facebook)

This blog post / video is for you if you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed because you just can’t seem to think of what else you should be doing right now.


1. Planning out your next week or month in advance to achieve a specific goal in your business or your life.

2. Reading a book to keep your mind and imagination stimulated with things you really want & need to learn more about rather than just absorbing what other people feel like telling you you should know.

3. Getting clear on where you’re at with your finances right now. How many sales did you make this month compared to last month? Do you know exactly how much profit you make on each of your services? Are you making or losing money?

4. Searching for something you want to learn more about on YouTube & teaching yourself how to do something new.

5. Writing a blog post or email to send out to your clients or email list to build a great relationship with them.

6. Follow up with old clients who you haven’t heard from in a while, see how they are and find out what they’re up to.

7. Contact your family and friends and have a catch up chat completely unrelated to your business.

8. Spend some time visualising what you really want in your business or your life right now. Get clear on what you want then make a plan to make it happen.

9. Stop waiting for things to come to you and actively go out and make them happen. (Less time waiting / more time creating).

10. Work on creating systems in your business so that you can make sure things are running smoothly and so that you don’t have to keep absolutely everything inside your brain.


Are you going to do any of these things right now or this week? If so, leave a comment and let me know which ones!