How to use OBS to share your screen LIVE on Facebook.

Step 1: Download OBS software (this is free).

Step 2: Open the application and under “Sources” add window capture.

Create new (label it whatever you want).

From the drop down menu, choose the current window you have open that you would like to share during your presentation.

Click OK and then use the red box around the outside of the image to drag the screen to the size / are you would like to show your audience.

Step 3: Click THIS LINK HERE then scroll to the blue button that says “Broadcast On Facebook Live” and click on it.

Use the drop down menu to choose which profile / page / group you want to go live in. Click Next.

Give the video a title and description explaining what you will be going live about.

Go back into OBS > click on settings > choose STREAM on the left > choose custom streaming server > enter the server URL and stream key.

Step 4: Click ‘start streaming’ on OBS

Then in the ‘go live on Facebook’ window when it is ready to go, click ‘go live’

You are now live on Facebook!

Make sure you are using a microphone or headphones with a microphone.

To view comments and viewers, you will need to watch your own live presentation on your phone, because when sharing your screen, you have to stay looking the screen you want to share on your computer while you are live.