How To Stand Out From Your Competition In Business

As a business coach, competition in business is one of the most common topics that come up with my clients and members of my Facebook group.

Two popular questions & complaints tend to be:

“How can I stand out in my business when there is so much competition?”
“I’m struggling to get clients, there is so much competition in my area!”

The truth is, there’s competition everywhere, in every business, in every industry.

The only way some businesses get ahead is by standing out and being different.

Being uniquely you,will attract other people to your business who are like you., and who you like. Ie: Your ideal clients. 

Doing things in business because “that’s what everyone in the industry does” or “it’s always been done this way” will never get you ahead of the game.

The reality is, there’s enough clients out there for every single business, and as soon as you start focussing more on the clients you do have, and less on the competition – that’s when you will see a significant change in your business growth.

Its great to be aware of your competition, but focussing on them and watching their every move will put you in a negative (and often anxious) mindset and nothing can progress from that.

Your competition should be viewed as a positive thing!

It means there is a demand for the service you offer.

So… how can you be different?

A great quote from Tony Robbins is: “The Quality of your life, is only as good as the quality of the questions you ask”.

An example of this, which is mentioned in the video above, is that if you’re constantly thinking that it’s really hard to get customers because of all of my competition, and asking yourself questions such as “how can I get clients when there’s so much competition” then that’s exactly where you will stay.

However, if you turn that around and ask: “How can I do things differently, and what do my customers want from me?”

That is such a more powerful way of thinking.
And you will come up with MUCH better answers.

Business owners that are more successful, are more focussed on their clients and what they want to achieve for their own business. They aren’t worried about the competition. They don’t even think about them.

To stand out, you need to focus on giving your clients what they want.

Find out as much as you possibly can about them.

Then you can design your business around what your clients and your audience wants from you.

To be successful, you have to be different.

Do something crazy, do something weird.

Be your funny, unique self.

It will get attention.

The best way to do this is by creating some kind of brand personality.

Incorporating your quirks into your business for people to connect with will make you actually “likeable”.

Another way to stand out in your industry is to specialise in something.

So many people are afraid of specialising in something specific or choosing a Niche, because they want to be everything to everyone, but you will never get ahead doing that.

You may be great at a lot of things but if you focus on specialising in ONE thing in your business you can always upgrade your clients to try other services that you offer.

Here are some surefire ways to stop worrying about your competition:

・Unfollow them on social media (and anything else that creates anxiety for you).
・Ask your existing clients questions and find out what they want.
・Focus on where you want your business to be and set goals.
・Have an abundance mindset. Know that there is enough for everybody!
・Focussing on positive thoughts and actions.
・Live in a place of gratitude for what you have already achieved, for your clients, for your team.
・Specialise in one thing in your business.
・Make sure your brand is consistent and has some personality.
・Be your different, unique & slightly (or very) weird self.

“If no one is liking your stuff, then no one likes your stuff…. “

~ Carissa