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Proven Profits is a Facebook Marketing Membership Program that gives you a new customisable, proven-to-work Facebook ad & sales script EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

You just upload your own images, change the text, post it on FB, boost it or run it as an ad, and watch the leads & sales roll in.

Next you just follow the instructions & sales conversations to get new enquiries turning into happy paying customers.

After that, you set up an awesome automated relationship building email list to keep your new clients in love with you & buying from you again & again 🙂

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Sounds good, yeah?

Proven Profits used to be a once-off program HOWEVER because I keep coming up with new ideas for ads all the time, and because I like to try and make things as simple and easy as possible for people…

I decided to turn it into a monthly membership where you get a new ad template to use every single month!!!

It’s just like having me do your Facebook advertising for you except SO MUCH cheaper!!

And every month you will have a NEW ad to use to keep your marketing interesting!!

As well as sales conversations trainings and scripts to help you talk your leads and enquiries via FB chat and turn them into clients!!

I’ll also be LIVE in the private Facebook group regularly for dedicated Q&A sessions incase you need help with anything!

If “NOT ENOUGH TIME” is one of your biggest struggles right now, or if you think things like “CAN’T SOMEONE JUST DO IT FOR ME”...

Then honestly, this new proven profits membership program has been designed just for you.

Check out some of the results that members have been getting below!

peta marie
sam kerswell
25 into 3700
abby blanke
booked out
Kahlia Forbes
tara lee

Amazeballs, Right?!

How does it work?

As soon as you sign up, you get an email with your login and password for the first month.

You'll also get a link to come and join the Proven Profits Facebook group so you can show off your results and ask for feedback or advice when you need it.

Once you log in, you watch the videos and then follow the simple instructions to create your new Facebook posts that are designed to get a lot of enquiries from potential new customers!

You then boost the post to your target customers and follow the sales scripts to get those new leads and enquiries in the door to become paying clients who love you!

And finally you use the suggested email scripts and templates once per month to send to your existing client database to keep them engaged and coming back to your business!

The overall goal of the program is for you to generate a consistent stream of enquiries, develop the skills to help you turn them into paying clients AND to make it easy for you to get them coming back!

You will get a NEW customisable ad template and script every single month for as long as you are a member which is designed to keep your marketing interesting to your target audience!

You can stay as long as you like and continue learning new marketing strategies & growing your business every single month, or you can leave any time!

What's Included?

💸 There's ads to get NEW clients & page likes.

💸 There's ads for your EXISTING clients & likes.

💸 There's instructions & templates on how to build and automate your EMAIL MARKETING.

💸 There's ads for promoting your best selling services.

💸 There's ads for promoting gift vouchers!

💸 There's ads for special occassions like Valentines Day, Mothers Day, XMAS & More!

And they just keep on coming!

You can use them exactly as they are, or customise them slightly to suit your brand, personality & style! (Recommended)

We've even got a form that you fill in each month to help you track your progress and results!
These are some real examples!

data tracking

Ready to get started??

If you want access to these proven-to-work Facebook ad templates & sales scripts so you can start getting more enquiries and clients into your business this month..

Then it's time to join the Proven Profits membership and get started right away.


Either USD $45/week or USD $197/month

Implement all the things and it pays for itself!!!

You can stay as long as you want or leave any time, I will keep pumping out new ideas and templates every single month to make marketing & growing your business as easy as possible for you.


What say you??

Are you open to swapping one client (or less) per week for the ability to bring in as many more as you like??


(Try the first month half price when you sign up monthly)

Which option is better for you?

A lot of people ask me "What is the difference between Proven Profits and the Wolfpack Mastermind??""

So I recorded this LIVE video to explain for you incase you also have this question 🙂 

Carissa xo