Hi, I'm Carissa.

I'm a "rapid business growth coach" and I want to help you grow your business FAST.

My philosophy in business is:


"Be Real, Have Fun, Make Money & Love Life".


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I believe that a business will only grow as much as the owner is willing to. My purpose is to help you grow both yourself and your company.

"Carissa Hill, an International speaker and business coach, achieved a phenomenal level of success thanks to her sharp delegation skills.

In her book, I Like Money: The Secrets to Actually Making Money with Facebook, Hill shares how she used Facebook to expand her business and then set up processes that allowed her to run everything without manually doing the work.

However, Hill understands that there are some roles best handled by the business owner. She recommends business leaders maintain direct control of the following three jobs"

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Latest Blog Posts

Stop Complaining About Your Employees & Clients

By Carissa Hill | August 31, 2016

Are you someone who likes to complain about everything all the time?  Circumstances, people, business, other businesses, your staff, your customers etc How’s that going for you? In this video I had a bit of a rant about why it’s so absolutely pointless to complain, ESPECIALLY about your staff and customers. Gosh it irks me.

How To Stop Getting Distracted On Facebook

By Carissa Hill | August 31, 2016

This is one of my FAVOURITE THINGS!!!! It totally stops me from getting distracted on Facebook. Seriously, this Google Chrome Plugin called “Kill Newsfeed” has absolutely changed my life and productivity levels this week.  If you find yourself logging in to FB for your business every day but feel like a lot of your time…

Why “Like Ladders” on Facebook Suck (+ how to actually get clients in groups)

By Carissa Hill | August 28, 2016

I see these everywhere in Facebook groups. You know, when someone does a post saying “Hey, let’s all like each others pages & help each other out” and then they post their page and then hundreds of other people post their pages underneath. Usually started by someone who wants more likes for their own page,…

How can I make lots more money in my business so I can quit my job?

By Carissa Hill | August 22, 2016

How can I make lots more money in my business so I can quit my job? There were a LOT of questions today in the COFFEE WITH CARISSA facebook group, so instead of making one super long video we are breaking them up into individual ones. The first Q was from Diamond who is a current…

What to do when you’re feeling BLUGGHH? • 2 Facebook Profiles? • RAISING YOUR PRICES? • Clients Disappearing?!

By Carissa Hill | August 9, 2016

Have you ever wanted to know any of these things??? • How do you motivate yourself when you’re feeling bluugghh? • Should I have 2 Facebook profiles or one? • How do I make my business sound better & raise my prices!? • My best client disappeared, what do I do? • How do I…

Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset In Business

By Carissa Hill | May 4, 2016

Do you often feel threatened by or jealous of your competitors? Or are you able to be friends with them and help each other? Do you feel like you never have enough, and are always chasing more or trying to be better? Or are you able to be happy with what you have and who…

Facebook Page Insights Not Working: HOW TO FIX IT.

By Carissa Hill | March 22, 2016

Are your Facebook page insights not working or have they not been loading for ages now and it’s beginning to frustrate the crap out of you?
Here is how to easily access them and fix it and get them to work for you.

Taking a business from $2000 to $250000

By Carissa Hill | April 13, 2016

In this week’s episode of ‪#‎coffeewithcarissa‬ I share how to turn a small start up web design & branding business into an automated $250k/pa company that can run without the owner.

Plan Your Day With Me!! *how to stop feeling overwhelmed and get organised*

By Carissa Hill | March 23, 2016

How to stop feeling overwhelmed and get organised. Do you often start the day feeling overwhelmed and then by the end of the day, you know you did a lot of stuff but you never feel like you actually accomplished much? If you start your day like this every morning, I can guarantee you will…

How To Keep Customers Coming Back To Your Business (and telling their friends about you).

By Carissa Hill | November 6, 2015

Do you ever wonder where your customers go? Why some of them might not return? Would you love to have customers that LOVE you and tell everyone how great you are? This is how to keep customers coming back. There are no tricks or secrets. It’s much much easier than you think. And it’s pretty fun.


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