Hi, I'm Carissa.

I'm a "rapid business growth coach" and I want to help you grow your business FAST.

My philosophy in business is:


"Be Real, Have Fun, Make Money & Love Life".


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I believe that a business will only grow as much as the owner is willing to. My purpose is to help you grow both yourself and your company.

"Carissa Hill, an International speaker and business coach, achieved a phenomenal level of success thanks to her sharp delegation skills.

In her book, I Like Money: The Secrets to Actually Making Money with Facebook, Hill shares how she used Facebook to expand her business and then set up processes that allowed her to run everything without manually doing the work.

However, Hill understands that there are some roles best handled by the business owner. She recommends business leaders maintain direct control of the following three jobs"

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Latest Blog Posts

Did you know there are different templates for your Facebook page?

By Carissa Hill | May 31, 2017

Well, did you? If not, don’t stress! Here is a tutorial video of sorts by yours truly. In it I show you how to update your profile to suit your business and how the right template can actually benefit your business. Check it out! Love, Carissa xo. Did you know there are different templates for…

How do you feel about money?

By Carissa Hill | May 19, 2017

Let’s Talk Money. What thoughts and emotions come up for you when you think about money? Do you have age old sayings about money that have been ingrained into your being from a young age? Do you feel weird about it?? Or bad about wanting it?? Or like it’s evil or not essential?? Here are…

See Everyone As Humans. Not Just As Numbers, Employees & Customers.

By Carissa Hill | May 17, 2017

Creating a successful business is mostly about creating relationships, building rapport and creating a connection with your audience and your community. Too often we focus on numbers and finding ways to increase our social media status rather than building our client base by treating prospective clients as humans. Engage with people on social media as…

How To Run A Successful Ad On Facebook & Build An Automated Email

By Carissa Hill | May 16, 2017

Another live Q & A, this time answering questions on how to get more interaction on your ads and how to best build an automated email sequence. It’s about being interactive and engaging your customers, it’s about providing content that your customers ACTUALLY want to see, it’s about understanding who your audience is and knowing…

How to get more likes on your social media posts!

By Carissa Hill | May 13, 2017

How can you get more likes on your posts on social media? Here’s a tip, it has nothing to do with the algorithm or what time of day you’re posting. In short, know who your audience is and show them things they ACTUALLY want to see. Watch this video for more hot tips on creating…

The importance of making a good first impression in business.

By Carissa Hill | May 12, 2017

People judge on first appearance. Whether it’s in person, on Facebook, Instagram or on your website. In business, in order to attract the right customer for you and in order to appeal to them, you need to make a really good first impression. It’s time to get to cleaning up your social media feeds and…

A live Q&A answering your questions. Check it out!

By Carissa Hill | May 11, 2017

In this video we took some time to answer questions that came from the Coffee With Carissa Facebook group. Are you a part of the group yet? Here’s what we talked about: What do you say to people when they just want to know the price? How do you develop a strong brand for your…

Being a new mum and creative entrepreneur.

By Carissa Hill | May 10, 2017

Mummy guilt is a real thing and I only realised it once I became an entrepreneurial mum. This is why I choose to do what makes me happy over what others might think. Stop listening to the nay- sayers, start listening to what feels right for you. We all just want to give our kids…

How to deal with people who just don’t understand you as an entrepreneur…

By Carissa Hill | May 10, 2017

Sometimes it can be hard, and feel lonely being an entrepreneur and business owner… because generally most people around us don’t really understand us. A lot of people tend to feel the need to try and justify or explain themselves, to try and make people see things their way, whereas really, this doesn’t seem to…

Going from a home business into a shop front.

By Carissa Hill | January 24, 2017

In this weeks episode of #coffeewithcarissa – I was asked “HOW DID YOU GO FROM A HOME BUSINESS INTO AN ACTUAL SHOP” and so I decided to go live in the group, share my story, and give some tips and advice for others that might be considering taking the leap from home based business to…


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