Hi, I'm carissa. I'm here to help you grow a successful business and live a happy life xo


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I believe that a business will only grow as much as the owner is willing to. My purpose is to help you grow both yourself and your company.

"Carissa Hill, an International speaker and business coach, achieved a phenomenal level of success thanks to her sharp delegation skills.

In her book, I Like Money: The Secrets to Actually Making Money with Facebook, Hill shares how she used Facebook to expand her business and then set up processes that allowed her to run everything without manually doing the work.

However, Hill understands that there are some roles best handled by the business owner. She recommends business leaders maintain direct control of the following three jobs"

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Latest Blog Posts

A perfect example of a hungry, driven, action-taking, high achieving entrepreneur!

By Carissa Hill | May 4, 2018

Was just doing our monthly live Q&A inside Proven Profits and was talking about how you can describe or position yourself in your business, as a specialist or expert in something, if you want to stand out or be known for something… I mentioned how I like to grow businesses FAST, sometimes “fast” might be…

Schedule and prioritise your success!

By Carissa Hill | May 2, 2018

If you’re getting up each day and letting other people’s demands influence the way your day goes… Then you’re not actually in control of your own life or business. Notifications, staff questions, client questions, random people wanting things from you etc If you’re not scheduling and prioritising your success (the things you need to do…

What should you do when you come across someone that you don’t agree with.

By Carissa Hill | April 30, 2018

What should you do when you come across someone that you doesn’t agree with? Sometimes when you don’t agree with someone, it’s actually more powerful not to say anything. The reason being, usually when you do step in and say something then you will just be creating more negative tension for yourself and the other…

I confronted one of my biggest fears…

By Carissa Hill | April 28, 2018

In April I confronted one of my biggest fears. I shaved off most of my hair!!! It might not be a big deal for anyone else, but for me it was one of the scariest (and yet empowering) things I have ever done in my fricken life! I also live-streamed it on Facebook, because, why…

Sometimes I kinda hate myself…

By Carissa Hill | April 26, 2018

Sometimes I kinda hate myself… Well, not really, but sometimes I catch myself out in situations where I realise I take a lot of things for granted. Things that may seem little to me, but that are huge to someone else. For example, today I found myself feeling really tired and lazy and hungry, and…

My own strategy and philosophies of be real, have fun, make money, and love life.

By Carissa Hill | April 24, 2018

Today I wanted to break down with you my own strategy and philosophies of be real, have fun, make money, and love life. I want to share with you what they mean and how I apply this philosophy in my life. Let’s start with Be Real. It’s pretty straight forward but so many people don’t do…

You get to choose your own emotions!

By Carissa Hill | April 22, 2018

I’m really excited to share this message with you!  It’s from my first LIVE in Coffee With Carissa with my new locks! I felt so inspired to talk to you about a topic that has come up a lot over the last few days. That topic is that you DO get to choose your own…

Public Appreciation Post

By Carissa Hill | April 20, 2018

I have to share this publicly and give Catherine Martin a huge high five ✋ Catherine was born profoundly deaf (no hearing at all) and opened a successful business and got it running smoothly and profitably without her in it as a member of my Wolfpack Mastermind program in 2017 She’s extremely intelligent and kind hearted (which is…

Could your business run without you if you or your family members got really sick?

By Carissa Hill | April 18, 2018

Could your business run without you if you or your family members got really sick? I was all planned and ready and prepared and excited to get stuck back into work yesterday after coming home from Bali… until… My husband was up ALL night Sunday puking and pooping and I got no sleep both from…

There’s no such thing as a magic pill.

By Carissa Hill | April 16, 2018

There is no such thing as a magic pill, or a specific coach or program, or book, or event that will help you live the life of your dreams. The only thing that will help you get to where you want to go, is you making the decision to do whatever it takes. It’s you…


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