Being a new mum and creative entrepreneur.

Mummy guilt is a real thing and I only realised it once I became an entrepreneurial mum.

This is why I choose to do what makes me happy over what others might think.

Stop listening to the nay- sayers, start listening to what feels right for you.

We all just want to give our kids the best of everything and in order to give my child the best version of me, I need to keep being a creative entrepreneur.

Watch this short video now and let me know if you relate!

Mum / Business Life & Employing Your Husband.

I didn't realise Mummy Guilt was a thing until I had a baby!How do I balance being a new mum and a creative entrepreneur? I hired my husband and got 'anal' about my time management… *not like that* ?

Posted by Carissa Hill on Tuesday, May 9, 2017