When you give yourself permission to follow FLOW

Sometimes I find myself working on things or spending time with people but it just feels “off”… do you know what I mean?

Like something is missing, like it’s forced, like there’s no real *spark* there.

I used to feel this a lot when I was younger, when I partied a lot, like I was doing what I should be doing, but really, all I wanted to be doing was working on my business or reading a book because those things made me feel more alive!?

Sometimes even now I’ll start working on something because it’s a “great idea” 💡but then something might feel off and I’ll feel like I’m forcing myself to do it.

it’s important to listen to the way you FEEL about things, just as much as what you think about them.

Because when things feel good, they flow easily, as they should… and life will feel light, easy, fun, beautiful & it is in this space that you will attract everything you desire into your life. 🙏🏼
Where are you spending your energy that is making you feel GOOD and moving you forward / keeping you growing…

And where are you spending your energy that makes you feel drained / is holding you back??? 💜

When you give yourself permission to follow FLOW only, and start saying “no” to things that don’t make you feel alive & fulfilled – life & business gets magical💫

I’d love to hear back from you! Please reply to this email and let me know where you’re spending your energy?

Love, Carissa xo


Take responsibility for your happiness

Being happy with yourself, your own choices, your own actions, is what really makes you happy.
They say happiness is a choice, and it is. Though you’ve first of all got to make choices you are happy with!
It all comes back down to taking responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, actions & results.
If you want to lose weight but you keep choosing to eat foods that you know will make you gain weight, you’ll usually feel unhappy about that.
It’s not just due to the weight issues, it’s due to being unhappy with your own choices.
If you want to grow your business to a massive empire, and yet you keep choosing to watch TV every spare moment you have, you’re not really upset with the lack of results you have – you’re upset with yourself at the choices you’re making.
If you really want to be happy, start making choices that you’re happy with, or just decide to be happy with the choices you are making or have already made! (I’m watching The Simpsons right now while writing this post and loving it)!
And remember not to blame any of your results or current situations on anyone or anything other than yourself.
Your choices are your own, always. Own them! ✌🏼


Do you trust your team members?

Do you trust your team members?

The reason being is that you WILL attract what you focus on and if you want to have trustworthy team members who do right by you, then you have to trust them!

If you don’t trust them, they are going to sense that and they are going to do things that break your trust.

You really have to give trust FIRST to each new person you meet.

Never project the wrong doings of someone else onto any new person you meet or new team member that starts.

It’s not until you completely trust someone, appreciate and value them, that they will become your most amazing team member yet!

So many business owners struggle with trusting their teams bacause to the business owner, trusting means opening themselves up to certain risks, disappointments and errors.

In my personal experience, the moment you let go of all these fears and concerns around TRUST all your trust problems will disappear.

Check out the video for more on this topic…


How to start a million dollar business for under $1,000 (with Daryl Urbanski)!

How to start a million dollar business for under $1,000 (with Daryl Urbanski)!

Sounds too good to be true?

Think again!

Daryl joined us for a LIVE interview/presentation in the Coffee With Carissa group and boy was it good!

He’ll take you through the common fears people go through when starting a business, how isolating it can be when you are in constant competition with the people you wish you could lean on for support and how unless your close family and friends are in business, they’re not people you can feel comfortable running too for advice.

In saying that, we went into what YOU CAN do to start your million dollar business for under $1000 and what the key step by step processes are!

Daryl is so much fun and has a lot to offer!

Be sure to catch the full video presentation below!

If you could start a million dollar business for under $1000, what would it be?

I’d love for you to reply to this email and share!

Love, Carissa xo.




>>> Consistent income generation in your business comes from the following things:

1. Excellent marketing, branding & sales skills.
2. Incredible service and experience.
3. Relationship building & connection with clients.
4. Scalable business model (systems in place)
5. Focussing on & increasing the lifetime value of clients.

As one of my mentor’s Jay Abraham says, there are only 3 ways to grow a business:

Get more clients.
Get those clients spending more.
Get those clients buying more often.

Most people focus only on getting new clients. I like to help my clients to stay focussed on all 3, as well as mastering the above 5 steps.

AND – with building a team comes developing leadership skills (not management) true leadership, which inspires people, asks them to help you, makes them feel cared about and like they WANT to do a good job for you, not just because they have to…

I love this stuff so friggen hard… which is why I coach & teach it.

Almost ready to release the new Wolfpack options!! (I’ve got a cold currently so I’m running a bit behind schedule) <3


Be the type of client you want to attract

Want to know how to attract the MOST AMAZING clients that will love you, never complain, want to be your client forever, value and appreciate you and leave you positive reviews?

The first you need to realise when attracting your most amazing clients is – KARMA IS REAL!

What you put out does come back to you.

If you really want to attract the most amazing clients into your business then the first thing you need to actually do is BE THAT CLIENT YOURSELF!

Are you always looking for the cheapest price and best deals for yourself?

Are you always skeptical?

Do you refer family and friends to other businesses?

Do you write positive reviews if you liked someone or their product/service?

Do you take advantage of all the freebies but never value it enough to pay for the product or service being sold?

If if you want to attract the most amazing clients into your business, you won’t do it by being THAT guy!

Start living as your ideal client and watch them start to flood into your business!

Watch the full replay below as I share with you how I turned my business around and started to attract the best clients a business owner could ask for!

Love, Carissa xo.



Don’t hold yourself back just to keep others comfortable.

If there’s something you REALLY WANT TO DO in your life, but you’re not doing it because maybe a friend, partner, family member, client, team member or anyone else in your life doesn’t want you to…

Just remember, that’s their preference, fear or decision that they are projecting onto you.

You always get to make your own choices!!! 

If I always listened to what other people wanted me to do or thought I should do, I would hardly of done anything in my life.

Get up the courage to give yourself permission to do what you want to do for YOU. 

Live YOUR life on your terms.

Do what makes YOU happy!

Surround yourself with those who bring YOU joy!

Do the things that motivate and excite YOU!

Don’t hold yourself back just to keep others comfortable.

You’re here to live YOUR life not theirs.


How do you want to be remembered?

Who do you want to be remembered as?

This is the question I ask myself when I start to become confused or unclear on the direction that I’m headed in or what I’m working on what I should do next.

Being a really creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur, as i know so many of my clients are, I often find myself wanting to do a million things at once.

I often find myself going back and forth thinking about this is what I SHOULD be doing versus this is what I actually WANT to do.

As a creative there NEEDS to be a balance between SHOULD and WANT in order to keep a healthy flow and productivity in your business.

I always find if you get lost along the way, if you’re really not sure of which direction you’re going in, and you have lost passion, love and excitement along the way for what you do on a daily basis – sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of what you want to remember when you look back on your life?

What do you want to remember yourself as?

What do you want to remember your achievements as?

Watch the latest Coffee With Carissa episode below and reply to this email with how you want to be remembered…

Love, Carissa xo.


How you can INSTANTLY feel better, raise your vibration & attract more GOOD into your life!!

So I decided to do this presentation completely randomly, it wasn’t planned at all.

Only because I am in the middle of writing a book on this topic and felt the need to share ti with you!

The is called ‘Write Your Reality’ and it’s all about choosing the life you want to live and using the power of pen and paper journaling to manifest whatever you want to happen in your life into your reality!

You get to choose the wat that you feel and act in all areas of your life and business.

Some of my research for this book has inspired me to do a LIVE presentation on how you can INSTANTLY feel better, raise your vibration & attract more GOOD into your life!! 😍

Watch the video below:


Be the change.

Just got this through as an email… for all of our Wolfpack & Alpha members a percentage from each goes towards giving young girls in Cambodia the opportunity to attend schooling.

This is a recent story showing how the funds are being used. 💫 You can use your business profits for more than just your own wants & needs xxx (though of course you deserve to enjoy what you work so hard for as well)!

Meet Srey Leak

Before arriving at A New Life Orphanage in September 2017, she was living in a single room with her two parents, both of whom are HIV positive, and her five-month-old sister.

Srey Leak’s father was a drug addict and an alcoholic. Neither of her parents were able to work and provide for the family. As a result, Srey Leak had never attended school and was not receiving proper nutrition.

When Srey Leak first arrived in our care, she was very timid, scared and sad. She is now very happy and always putting a smile on the staff and other children’s faces.

Srey Leak started the first grade at the beginning of this school year, and is greatly enjoying it.

Srey Leak finally has the opportunity
to just focus on school and being a kid.

How can your business BE the change?

Love, Carissa xo.