Could your business run without you if you or your family members got really sick?

Could your business run without you if you or your family members got really sick?

I was all planned and ready and prepared and excited to get stuck back into work yesterday after coming home from Bali… until…

My husband was up ALL night Sunday puking and pooping and I got no sleep both from the sounds and smells and worrying about him.

My toddler was supposed to go to daycare on the Monday so I could get work done, however when I got up to him in the morning, he had runny poo’s too so I decided best to keep him home.

So, ALL MY PLANS gone out the window, as I had to drop everything and look after my 2 boys.

I have seriously turned into one of those crazy germaphobe mums running around the house cleaning and sanitising everything…

“I will not get it, I will not get it, I will NOT get it”.

We saw a doctor yesterday and both are starting to be on the mend as of today thank goodness…

But thankfully, due to my systems and my incredible team members, any time anything like this happens in my life, my business still operates as usual.

Can you say the same about yours?

If not, start to think seriously about it.

If you want your business to be able to scale, to keep growing, expanding, even to be able to be duplicated, franchised, or sold for a good profit one day…

You need your business to be able to run without you.


There’s no such thing as a magic pill.

There is no such thing as a magic pill, or a specific coach or program, or book, or event that will help you live the life of your dreams.

The only thing that will help you get to where you want to go, is you making the decision to do whatever it takes.

It’s you saying YES to things even when they scare you.

It’s you investing in yourself, continually, and focussing on long term success, rather than short term gain.

It’s you always prioritising your education and never getting sucked into the temptation of telling yourself you know “enough” or that you don’t need to learn more.

It’s you saying NO to people and things that drain you, make you tired, and waste your time and therefore your life.

It’s living in the moment, being grateful for everything and everyone around you, and seeing yourself as connected to them not separate to them.

It’s believing in the power of your mind, of the universe, and it’s being the type of person you want to attract more of into your life.

People who have everything they’ve ever wanted are not lucky.

They just decided they were not going to settle for not having it.

Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t have something.

You can.

You can have all of it.

And the only things you need to sacrifice are the things that aren’t making you happy anyway.




How to deal with assholes…

I wanted to touch on what to do when you encounter an asshole or a negative person in your life because reality is, these people are everywhere.

I chose to share this now because I recently experienced a really negative person in my life and I wanted to share my thought process around how to handle these situations with the best outcome in mind.

I was recently giving a presentation on Facebook Marketing for the Australian Beauty Collective on the Gold Coast.

I had attended the presentation still feeling unwell and needing to clear my throat a lot and having to stop with little coughing fits. At one point I was coughing and apologising when this dude said. ‘then stop talking.’

He then later made a remark about my speech and how it wasn’t relevant to him.

When something like this happens your first instinct is to feel said and think, ‘why didn’t they like me.’

Well, after years of practice, my approach to these kinds of people is different.

I now understand that these people behave the way they do because they want to feel more important.

If you can understand that and see thingd from that perspective you can start thinking things like, ‘it’s good to know I’m in a really good place and that I’m not like that,’ or even feel sorry for them and thinking, ‘dude, do you need a hug?’

Basically, if people put you down it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the fact that they feel inadequate and crave power and control. It feeds their ego.

So if you encounter an asshole, feel sorry for them and be grateful that they showed you how not to be ;).

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LIVE from the Bali Wolfpack Mastermind Event, March 2018

We went LIVE in Bali to give you a run down of what we have taken away from our 3 nights together for the exclusive training event, only available to the Wolfpack Mastermind members!

Day one was all about the business stuff.

Day two was all about fun, adventure and exploring.

Day three was back to the serious stuff ;).

Watch the LIVE replay below to see what these 3 amazing women are taking back home to implement in their businesses!


How to stop getting distracted on Facebook

Do you do a lot of your marketing for your business on Facebook?

Do you find yourself getting easily distracted and off topic all the time?

Do ever stop and realise that you’ve forgotten what you were doing and then notice you’ve wasted half the day doing nothing that was actually productive???? *deep breath*

Happens to me all the time. UNTIL NOW. Let me show you how to use this awesome free tool for eliminating distractions on Facebook. 

SIDE NOTE: This video was made back in March 2016 and still to this day, I keep having to remind people to turn their distractions off and be more productive with their time.


When this video popped up on Facebook as a memory, I knew it was something I needed to share again.

So here it is.

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The need for approval is a funny thing.

The need for approval is a funny thing.

Why do we do so many things like change our behaviours or change our choice of words just to get approval from other people?

I put my hand up to doing this too.

I’ve changed the way I’ve behaved in front of other people in order to get them to like me.

Have you done this too?

Have you not brought a business idea to life because someone else might think it’s silly or because someone else doesn’t want you to do it?

I’ve discovered a two-step process to overcome this.

Step one: Become aware of when you’re seeking approval and stop.

Step two: Give yourself the approval you need because the only approval you need in your life is your own.

And if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner and you have business ideas, don’t take advice from people who aren’t already successful business owners themselves.

And even if you do run your business ideas by other successful business owners or mentors and they tell you it’s a bad idea, you can still choose not to listen to them.

If you really want to do something, all you need is your own approval.

I approve of you seeking your own approval.


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Prioritise it if you want it bad enough!

Whatever you want in life, you can absolutely have. 🙌🏼 As long as you are willing to make it a priority.

That means, you place it as one of the top most important things you do and focus on every single day.

You want to be a highly successful business owner?

You need to prioritise working on your education, mindset, self development & implementation of everything you learn.

You want to have a fit body?

You need to prioritise your exercise and healthy eating.

You want a great relationship with your kids and partner?

You need to prioritise quality time & connection with them.

You want to be a famous artist, musician, writer, actor, performer?

You need to prioritise working on your craft and getting it seen & heard every single day.

Every other thing you are spending your time on that is not the thing that you most want to do… and is not getting you closer to where you want to go…

Is the wrong priority for you.

There is no other way to get to where you want to go other than simply making it a priority.

Everything else will still happen anyway.

But it’s what you CHOOSE to prioritise each day that will manifest into your reality.

There is no other option but to make the things you give the majority of your energy to come to life. ✌🏼


Do the things!



I pretty much bet you, that the solution to at least one of your problems right now, is to just do the things you know you have to do the solve the problem.

Talking about it and complaining about it is not solving it… just DO THE THINGS. ✌🏼

(You know what I’m talking about.)


LIVE from the Bathtub!

We went LIVE from the bathtub at Larrissa Williams Business Warrior Retreat.

There may have been alcohol involved.

One things for sure, we had A LOT of laughs!

We talked self love.

Launching Facebook groups.

Self sabotaging in business.

Breathing techniques to nurture and heal our bodies.

And so much more!

To feel the love and have a laugh press play on the video below.


Create an amazing website for your business!

Join me as I have a coffee with Carly Renee from CR Creations.

We talk websites.

And more specifically, how to make sure you have an amazing website for your business, that represents you in the best possible way.

A website that will help you to get clients, gain business and make money because that’s really what it’s all about.

Carly got into websites because her own website for her beauty business was amazing and got her heaps and heaps of clients!

If you need a website for your business but you’re not sure what to do, where to go or how to create it, look no further!

Carly talks about how she found every easy way and cheat out there to make building your website incredibly simple and professional looking!

For the full replay, catch the video below: