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Guess what I manifested?

Want to hear a really cool manifesting story?

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that I’m highly into the Law Of Attraction and that I use manifesting all the time!

I have actively been trying to practice this daily because I am 100% aware that you DO get to choose your results and you DO get to attract whatever you want in your life if you are conscious of the fact that you are doing it.

Not to long ago, Rhi and I went to Crystal Castle down at Byron Bay. You can’t really describe it except to say that it’s magical and a place for healing, learning about yourself and learning about crystals.

So the night before we went I was in the bath and I was writing in my journal.

I asked, ‘what will I manifest tomorrow?’

Normally I write beautiful manifestations around my business but this time I felt like I wanted to manifest something special for someone else.

So I wrote down that I would meet someone the next day and that I would help them turn their lives around in some way or I will help them see things from a different perspective.

I then released it as that is the way of manifesting and essentially I forgot about it until it actually happened the next day…

To hear the full story and to learn what I manifested please watch the short video below.

Once you have, I’d love to hear from you with YOUR manifesting story or manifesting success! Reply to this email and share the magic!

Look forward to speaking with you soon.

Love, Carissa xo.


Before your clients buy from you they need to know you, like you and trust you.

You may have heard this before, but in order for someone to become a client of yours, they need to know you, like you, and trust you.

What does this even mean!?

Allow me to break it down.

Firstly, people need to know that you and your business and brand exist in the world.

It then goes one step further and becomes about people knowing who you are and what you’re about.

They need to know why you are in business, what you do and how it will help them.

That’s why it’s really important to put some of you and some of your personality into your brand.

It could be things like your sense of humour, your intellect, your passions, it could even be a fiery rant!

In order for people to know you you need to share things that will allow them to get to know you.

After people feel like they know you will they decide if they like you or not.

This is why it’s always good to remember that not everyone is going to like you and that you need to be true to yourself so that you attract the people who actually need and appreciate you and your business.

When people like you they will generally start engaging with your content.

And finally trust.

Trust usually comes after someone has been a client or has bought something from you, basically after they have gotten some kind if result from you.

Once you have the know, like and trust factor, you can grow grow business quite successfully.

For the full replay, catch the video below:


Attracting & retaining clients will always come down to how well you understand human beings…

Simply put, attracting & retaining clients will always come down to how well you understand human beings.

What they want to see, what they don’t want to see, what they are thinking, how they want you to make them feel, how to make sure they are emotionally invested in you / your business / your brand / your products…

Because, businesses are made up of PEOPLE and they sell things to PEOPLE.

Businesses help people to either overcome problems, or give them results that they desire.

Your business is more than just a product or service, it changes peoples lives via the way you make that person feel.

So… the way that the Wolfpack Mastermind helps you to attract and retain clients….

Is so much more than just about how to use Facebook or other marketing tools. (of course it has them too though)

It’s about deeply understanding people. Understanding who you want to serve. What they want. WHY they want it…

And how to communicate that to them in a way that gets them to stop and pay attention to what you have to say.

Retention also comes down to the overall experience and emotional connection they have with you, and how much they feel cared about.

Whether or not you put in much (or any) effort after the sale in order to make them feel special and cared about so that they will WANT to come back to you.

In short – human connection & understanding is the REAL key to attracting and retaining clients.

And is the primary focus of all my programs. Especially the Wolfpack. <3


Why you need to have a Facebook group for your business.

So after the video I did last week talking about how I grew my Facebook group to over 15,000 members, a lot of people had a lot of other questions about groups so I decided to do another video discussing why it’s important to have a Facebook Group for your business these days.

A lot of people that I’ve talked to about this are still kind of feeling like they know they should have one but what do I do with it and who should be in it?

So I thought I’d help give you some clarity and talk about the different types of groups you can have and how you would use each of those differently.

From a business and marketing strategy and point of view, people are spending more time in Facebook groups then they are in their newsfeed.

So how can this benefit your business?

Watch the full replay of the video below to find out.


Wanna know how to find out what your life purpose and your true passions are?

Wanna know how to find out what your life purpose and your true passions are?

It’s actually very simple… just pay attention to the things that make yo feel all warm and fuzzy and excited and full.

AND pay attention to the things that don’t: the things that make you feel heavy, anxious, afraid or tired… (sometimes in order to know what you do want, you need to know what you don’t want too)

Then, start to do more of the first and less of the second!

One of my favourite ways to find my true interests and passions is to browse non fiction books and pay attention to the titles and topics that make me want to read them.

Your passions can and do change over time!!

A few years ago all I wanted to read & talk about was business and marketing books, at the moment, all I want to read and talk about is mindset, law of attraction and manifestation stuff…

So much so that I am writing a book on this and also planning a new course about it too.

So, the true way to “follow your bliss” is first of all find what makes you most excited and blissful – and then give yourself permission to go down that path and allow more of those things into your life!

What do you LOVE right now??


How I grew my Facebook group to over 15,000 members.

The Coffee With Carissa Facebook group is like my everything.

I love this group and I love the energy!

People tell me all the time how much they like my group because it just has positive vibes.

My main focus for the group when I started it was about bringing like minded people together.

Bringing together like minded entrepreneurs who want to grow and are open to learning as well as sharing.

When I started this group, obviously I started with nothing.

And now as you watch this video, we are almost at 16,000.

Watch the video below and allow me to share with you how I grew my group to over 15,000 members so that you can do the same thing!


Are you GDPR ready?!

Are you GDPR ready?

If not, don’t panic! We have you covered.

You may or may not know but for clarity sake let’s get the basic gist of the GDPR out of the way.

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it is set to go live May 25th, 2018.

All these big fancy words mean that there are new rules in place for businesses for how they collect someone’s data, use that data and store it for safekeeping.

In a way it’s a good thing because there are so many opt-ins and sign-up options floating about that we really have no way of tracking where all our information goes!

So think about the GDPR as your annoying big sister, a pain in your ass but also there to protect you.

The GDPR is launching across the EU (Europe and the UK) but will apply to all businesses that trade or collect data from anywhere or anyone in the EU. So whether you’re in Australia or in the USA (or anywhere else other than the EU), you still need to be GDPR compliant if you are collecting data from anyone in the EU.

What the hell does GDPR compliant even mean?

In simple terms, from the 25th of May 2018 onwards, we need to be gaining consent freely from those we are collecting data from AND provide a clear and easy to read Privacy Policy that clearly states what information we collect, why we collect it, how we store it and how they can request to have their information removed from our data storage.

The most important thing to know is that we can no longer just add people to our email lists without getting their consent first or without being 100% transparent with what emails they will get if they join your mailing list (see example below).

If you have a freebie offer that you’ve been using to build your email list, you can now NO LONGER automatically add those emails to your lists simply because someone has opted in to receive your freebie.

You must offer the freebie AND give them a choice to be added to your email list or not, either by a tick box or a second opt-in page (provided by most email platforms).

If they choose just to have the freebie, then you still must provide it even if they choose NOT to be added to your email list.

This goes for anywhere you might collect someone’s data whether is be on the website, via a landing page, via a Facebook ad etc.

You must always give the person putting in their details – full disclosure of what they are signing up to and give them the option to freely consent or decline being added to any of your email lists.

Which brings us to the second most important thing to know; you must provide a clear and compliant Privacy Policy everywhere you are collecting data from (we have included the Carissa Hill Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy below for your reference, feel free to adapt your business information to it).

Moving forward, everyone has the right to know where their information is going, how it’s being collected and stored and for what purpose we may be using their data in the future – insert the Privacy Policy.

The Privacy Policy should be added the bottom of your website (in the footer) so that it appears on every page of your website. It must also be present on every lading page or sign-up form where you collect data.

For example:

Sign up to receive your free XXX


We would love to keep in touch with news, videos, community, podcasts and courses that we think you would be interested in. Tick here [  ] if you would be happy to receive emails from us and read our Privacy Policy here to see how we use and protect your Personal Data.

Now, to clear up some confusion around emails you already have in your lists…

A lot of companies have gone into a mad panic and sent an email to everyone on their email lists asking for ‘fresh consent’ or for people to update their details or choose to unsubscribe from their email list.

AVOID doing this.

If you have been building your email lists via sign-up forms, opt-in pages, landing pages and your website then this can be considered a soft consent.

A soft consent is when someone has been on your email list for however long and with every email they receive there is an opt-out or unsubscribe option. If they have not actively chosen to unsubscribe or opt-out then it can be seen as them giving you consent to email them.

You will not be able to use the soft consent approach from the 25th of May though, so make sure all your sign-up forms and opt-in forms are GDPR compliant (as discussed above).

It is important to note though, if you have copied over email lists or purchased email lists or obtained personal data without the person knowing, we strongly recommend you delete these people from your list and NEVER email them again – this is what GDPR is protecting us against and it could land you in hot water and a hefty fine.

While GDPR can seem a little intimidating, it can be easily integrated into your business if you just set it up now. The main things you need to do is gain consent freely from anyone you are collecting data from so that you are legally able to email them or contact them  AND update and add your Privacy Policy everywhere you are collecting data.

Don’t wait, start today!

Please know that this is NOT legal advice but simply a summary of information we have gathered for ourselves and the Carissa Hill Business. We want to help keep you and your business safe and legal so that you can grow your business next level!

We strongly recommend you do your own research as well.

If you would prefer legal advice, seek advice from any international lawyer or alternatively;

The EU’s official GDPR site:

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office guide to GDPR:

Carissa’s Privacy Policy which also includes a link to her Cookie Policy can be access HERE

Hope this helps you and remember to breathe!

Love, Carissa xo.


It’s not the market that is responsible for your business.

Straight up – if you want to build a successful business and you are committed to that, then you need to understand that it is never the ‘market’ or ‘customers’ who are the reason for your business struggling.

There are so many business owners online talking about how the people in their market don’t have any money to spend on our product or services right now, it’s just that time of year etc.

Stop putting the blame and responsibility on the customers and the market or the staff members that can’t sell.

If you really want to build a successful business then you, as the business owner, need to take full responsibility for EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME.

This stuff gets me really fired up because I used to be that person.

So let me show you what I did to turn that around so that you can turn your business around.

For the full replay, catch the video below:


Why you should Learn and Implement!

REPOST from inside the Wolfpack Mastermind 🐺.

Alicia Teaze looked at what seemed like defeat, in the eyes, and basically said, ‘fuck no, this business is MINE and I will make it my bitch!’

She used the powerful art (and tool) of manifesting and she got busy making her business a success.


The Universe is NEVER working against you.

The Universe can only match your vibrations.

Sometimes we need a kick up the butt to realise our vibrations have been flatlining.

Does your vibration need some mouth to mouth resuscitation?

Take a page out of Alicia’s book, get proactive and get BUSY 💃🏻.


Are you afraid of business growth?

Are you keeping yourself small and/or are you afraid to grow your business?

I wanted to explore this fear a little deeper with you.

It actually came up because I was speaking with one of my amazing Wolfpack Mastermind members who was holding her business back from growing because of bad past experiences.

A lot of it has to do with government charges such as tax and GST or VAT if you’re in the UK.

I decided to go live in the Coffee With Carissa group to talk about this because it’s something that I have experienced myself and I’m super passionate about this topic.

For the full story and words of advice, please catch the full replay below: