Hi, I'm carissa. I'm here to help you grow a successful business and live a happy life xo


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I believe that a business will only grow as much as the owner is willing to. My purpose is to help you grow both yourself and your company.

"Carissa Hill, an International speaker and business coach, achieved a phenomenal level of success thanks to her sharp delegation skills.

In her book, I Like Money: The Secrets to Actually Making Money with Facebook, Hill shares how she used Facebook to expand her business and then set up processes that allowed her to run everything without manually doing the work.

However, Hill understands that there are some roles best handled by the business owner. She recommends business leaders maintain direct control of the following three jobs"

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Latest Blog Posts

My own strategy and philosophies of be real, have fun, make money, and love life.

By Carissa Hill | April 24, 2018

Today I wanted to break down with you my own strategy and philosophies of be real, have fun, make money, and love life. I want to share with you what they mean and how I apply this philosophy in my life. Let’s start with Be Real. It’s pretty straight forward but so many people don’t do…

You get to choose your own emotions!

By Carissa Hill | April 22, 2018

I’m really excited to share this message with you!  It’s from my first LIVE in Coffee With Carissa with my new locks! I felt so inspired to talk to you about a topic that has come up a lot over the last few days. That topic is that you DO get to choose your own…

Public Appreciation Post

By Carissa Hill | April 20, 2018

I have to share this publicly and give Catherine Martin a huge high five ✋ Catherine was born profoundly deaf (no hearing at all) and opened a successful business and got it running smoothly and profitably without her in it as a member of my Wolfpack Mastermind program in 2017 She’s extremely intelligent and kind hearted (which is…

Could your business run without you if you or your family members got really sick?

By Carissa Hill | April 18, 2018

Could your business run without you if you or your family members got really sick? I was all planned and ready and prepared and excited to get stuck back into work yesterday after coming home from Bali… until… My husband was up ALL night Sunday puking and pooping and I got no sleep both from…

There’s no such thing as a magic pill.

By Carissa Hill | April 16, 2018

There is no such thing as a magic pill, or a specific coach or program, or book, or event that will help you live the life of your dreams. The only thing that will help you get to where you want to go, is you making the decision to do whatever it takes. It’s you…

How to deal with assholes…

By Carissa Hill | April 14, 2018

I wanted to touch on what to do when you encounter an asshole or a negative person in your life because reality is, these people are everywhere. I chose to share this now because I recently experienced a really negative person in my life and I wanted to share my thought process around how to handle…

LIVE from the Bali Wolfpack Mastermind Event, March 2018

By Carissa Hill | April 12, 2018

We went LIVE in Bali to give you a run down of what we have taken away from our 3 nights together for the exclusive training event, only available to the Wolfpack Mastermind members! Day one was all about the business stuff. Day two was all about fun, adventure and exploring. Day three was back to…

How to stop getting distracted on Facebook

By Carissa Hill | April 10, 2018

Do you do a lot of your marketing for your business on Facebook? Do you find yourself getting easily distracted and off topic all the time? Do ever stop and realise that you’ve forgotten what you were doing and then notice you’ve wasted half the day doing nothing that was actually productive???? *deep breath* Happens to me all the…

The need for approval is a funny thing.

By Carissa Hill | April 8, 2018

The need for approval is a funny thing. Why do we do so many things like change our behaviours or change our choice of words just to get approval from other people? I put my hand up to doing this too. I’ve changed the way I’ve behaved in front of other people in order to get…

Prioritise it if you want it bad enough!

By Carissa Hill | April 6, 2018

Whatever you want in life, you can absolutely have. 🙌🏼 As long as you are willing to make it a priority. That means, you place it as one of the top most important things you do and focus on every single day. You want to be a highly successful business owner? You need to prioritise working on…


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