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Carissa Hill is a Facebook Marketing, Sales & Business Growth Coach for creative high-achievers.

She has helped thousands of entrepreneurs from around the world to rapidly double, triple & even 5X their companies.

Carissa specialises in helping established business owners to systemise their company and delegate the work; so that they can step out of their working in their business altogether and even expand locations.

With the help of my amazing coach @carissahillofficial showing me how to utilise Facebook marketing properly, my salon team has grown from 3 to 6 staff this year!

Caitlyn Menzel - AUS

Find out how to grow your business successfully with Facebook (free ebook).


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"I'm so glad I joined your mastermind Carissa, my boosted posts are working like crazy. The private group is so supportive and full of ideas. My first ad brought in $2000 in sales and it only cost me $50"

 Hayleigh Lewis , AUS

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"I just wanted to share with the group, when I first started this mastermind I was working my ass off and not getting very much in return.

Since I started 3 months ago I have employed 3 new staff and am looking at starting another location! Just wanted to say thanks to Carissa and everyone in the group, before I would not have had the "lady balls" to even consider adding another location!"

Hayley Williams , NZ



The WolfPack Mastermind is my Online Facebook Marketing & Business Growth Program.

Becoming a member of this mastermind will allow you to rapidly grow your business and will teach you how to scale your business for ongoing growth.

You will learn how to set up your business to run smoothly without you in it, and become a professional business OWNER rather than a business operator.

"I must tell you, I spent $90 boosting a post on Facebook after joining your mastermind and have over $9000 worth of bookings for the next 2 weeks."

Caroline Kingi , NZ

Taking Business Seriously, while Having Serious Fun With It.

"I have to thank Carissa publicly.

I have had a few self imposed roadblocks around taking my game to the next level.

Honestly they were ridiculous. As most of our self imposed obstacles are.

She gave me a little push to start figuring shit out and I just started putting in some work and I pushed through my barriers."

Michael McCormick, USA

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Carissa Hill - From A Business In Your Garage To International Marketing Expert.

"After a conversation with Carissa Hill yesterday I pre-sold 4 spots into my upcoming program at 5 x rate of what I was going to charge for it."

Andrew Wild, AUS


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"It's only Monday and already I'm due to make £800! The bookings are flying in! This is great! Loving Life!

It's from a boosted post I put £10 on."

Nicola Couperthwaite, UK

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"It's an incredible course! The content is all put so simply, but it's so powerful when implemented.  Joining this mastermind has changed my year completely. I've already doubled my monthly sales and I work less hours, it's great!"

Melanie Maher, AUS

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