Grow a Successful business & live a Happy life.

Carissa Hill is an international business growth coach, speaker and #1 best-selling author based in Brisbane, Australia.

Carissa specialises in teaching unique direct response Facebook marketing methods which have been responsible for helping thousands of entrepreneurs in multiple industries to RAPIDLY grow their businesses.

Carissa believes in working ON the business, not in it, and loves to help business owners to set up their business so that it can run smoothly without them.

If you want to grow a successful business, and live a happy life, make sure to connect with Carissa and check out her FREE ebook "Grow Your Business With Facebook" below!

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"With the help of my amazing coach @carissahillofficial showing me how to utilise Facebook marketing properly, my team has grown from 3 to 6 staff this year!"

Caitlyn Menzel - AUS

Find out how to grow your business successfully with Facebook (free ebook).


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"I'm so glad I joined your mastermind Carissa, my boosted posts are working like crazy. The private group is so supportive and full of ideas. My first ad brought in $2000 in sales and it only cost me $50"

 Hayleigh Lewis , AUS

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If so, check out Carissa's best selling book "I Like Money - The Secrets To Actually Making Money With Facebook"


Live To Give.

I believe it is so important to give back and to do what you can do to help people and the world.

In today's society, there is such a huge focus on getting, taking, hustling, and wanting MORE and while I totally understand and even encourage it (being a high achiever myself), I also believe that you get even more out of giving.

And ironically, the more you do get, the more you can give! Both to yourself and the causes that matter most to you.

I am very proud to partner with Greenfleet and the 'Girls Be Ambitious' Program with World Assistance For Cambodia.

I plant a tree for every new person who chooses to join one of my business courses, and currently support 33 young girls to attend school.

Trafficking of girls and women is one of the most serious human rights problems facing Cambodia today.

The Girls Be Ambitious program was launched to prevent the trafficking of Cambodian girls from poverty-stricken homes for sexual and labor exploitation through an incentive program to stay in school and receive additional vocational training that will provide employment, income, and social and political empowerment.

Carissa xo

Taking business seriously, while having serious fun with it.

If you're a creative entrepreneur who is focussed on serious growth, you'll know how much time and energy growing a successful business can take up.

Which is why Carissa believes it's so important to really LOVE everything about it, since it is such a massive part of your life.

YOUR time as the creator, should be spent doing only the things that you love and are best at, in order to keep you happy, growing, and enabling you to bring all your ideas to life.

Carissa's personal strategy: "Create, Systemise, Delegate, Repeat" allows the entrepreneur to keep creating while growing your business, your team, and your income!

Do you enjoy coffee, meeting new like-minded people and making more money?

Come & hang out inside Carissa's virtual coffee shop full of awesome entrepreneurs who love business growth, self improvement and helping each other to WIN!

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"I just wanted to share with the group, when I first started this mastermind I was working my ass off and not getting very much in return.

Since I started 3 months ago I have employed 3 new staff and am looking at starting another location! Just wanted to say thanks to Carissa and everyone in the group, before I would not have had the "lady balls" to even consider adding another location!"

Hayley Williams , NZ

The WolfPack Mastermind is Carissa's Signature online Facebook Marketing & Business Growth Program for Hungry, Creative & High Achieving Entrepreneurs.

Becoming a member of this mastermind will allow you to rapidly grow your business and will teach you how to scale & prepare for ongoing growth.

You will learn how to consistently generate new leads and sales, and set up your business to run smoothly without you in it.

This program is only for serious business owners who want serious success and are prepared to do whatever it takes.

"I must tell you, I spent $90 boosting a post on Facebook after joining your mastermind and have over $9000 worth of bookings for the next 2 weeks."

Caroline Kingi , NZ


I hope that I can play a part (no matter how big or small) in your journey of growing a successful business and living a happy  life.

Love Carissa xo